Top 5 Bullet Journal Spreads in 2017

2017 was my first complete year of bullet journaling. It all started in August 2016, when my friend Michelle jumped on the bandwagon, and I seem to have a need to follow her into all creative pursuits (including nail art and adult colouring books). Those few months in 2016, I tried a lot of different […]

Goodbye, 2017!

This dumpster fire of a year is finally over. When I dubbed 2017 the “Year of New Beginnings”, I had a lot of changes planned, some of which I implemented and others which I didn’t get around to. So now, on the last day of the year, I am yet again sitting here, wishing I’d […]

So, 2017…

I’ve already written up my year in retrospect, eight pages of it in my bullet journal, but most of that is too personal to put it up online. And since I don’t really do resolutions, I can’t list those here, either. But I do have a to-do list of sorts, stuff I know I need […]