March & Easter

March wasn’t the best of months, so I decided to focus on the good things that happened: * Bff offered to beat up someone who hurt me. In the end, I dealt with the issue myself by taking a step back, emotionally (something I should have done a long time ago), but it’s always nice […]

A Conversation with My Brothers (German)

Der “Geschwister-Chat” ist meine Lieblings-WhatsApp-Gruppe: Bruderherz: Habt ihr ne Idee für Mama zu Weihnachten? Bruderherz: [erzählt von einem Buch, das J. vorgeschlagen hat] davon den ersten Band zu schenken mit der Aussicht auf die restlichen, wenns ihr gefällt. Isa: UUUH das will ich ja auch haben. finde ich ne gute idee, dann leih ich mir […]

Top 5 Bullet Journal Spreads in 2017

2017 was my first complete year of bullet journaling. It all started in August 2016, when my friend Michelle jumped on the bandwagon, and I seem to have a need to follow her into all creative pursuits (including nail art and adult colouring books). Those few months in 2016, I tried a lot of different […]


I’m bringing the How-Much-Do-We-Have-in-Common Bingo to my blog–albeit a safe-for-work version of it. Because let’s be real: I will probably never write a proper intro post again. Instructions: Save image to harddrive, paint over/around/across things we have in common (the free space in the middle is for everyone), save image, upload image, comment here with […]

13 Facts About Me

There was a get-to-know-me meme going around twitter a couple of nights ago, where for every like / favourite, you’d tweet a random fact about yourself, and I thought I’d post mine here as well, in lieu of a proper introductory post: #1 These days, I get sorted into Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw pretty much equally, […]

How I Became the Person I Am Today

Over the last few years, I’ve written countless versions of this post in my head, but whenever I tried to put them onto paper, I’ve failed. Nothing seemed capable of expressing what I meant to say, and I will be the first to admit that that was enough to scare me away from trying harder […]