Not Exactly a Nutshell,
but Close Enough

THIS PAGE IS SERIOUSLY OUTDATED. I’m in the process of fixing it, but it could take some time.

Who am I?

Hello, the name’s Isa, and I’m just your ordinary twenty-something university student. Born and raised in Berlin, Germany, but with Italian roots, I’ve been interested in foreign languages nearly all my life, which is how I ended up an English major. My minor is Political Science, but let’s not get into that, ever. Once I’m done with undergrad studies, I’d like to move on to a masters’ degree in European Languages. In-between? My kingdom for another language to learn. I wouldn’t say I’ve mastered any language yet, not even my own, but I’m fairly proficient in English, have already forgotten most of what I learned during my seven years of French classes, am currently doing battle with Italian, and miss Swahili like crazy (even if I only ever took two months’ worth of lessons). Oh, and Latin happened somewhere in there, too. I also know the odd word of Spanish, and am seriously considering learning Croatian just so I can read a single book. Next up on my list are Arabic, Hindi, and quite possibly Esperanto. Any and all donations to pay for proper classes are always welcome.

When I’m not learning languages, I like to write. Anything from (awful) poetry over short stories (but never short-stories) to novel parts (that I start for the wonderful invention that is NaNoWriMo, but then abandon half-way through). I also dabble in photography, albeit not very successfully. My second favourite thing in the world is communication. I have friends and acquaintances all across the globe, so somebody somewhere is always awake, and I’ve spent hours on end talking to people, and whenever I’ve been exceptionally lucky, I’ve even met a friend or two in person.

This brings me to my first favourite thing in the world: Travelling. I haven’t actually been many places yet (only one-and-a-half time outside of Europe, hardly ever anywhere new), but whenever I get into a car, or hop on a plane, my life is complete. I’m convinced I should’ve been born a nomad, but alas, I wasn’t, so I have to make do with planning the most incredible trips and occasionally even manage to actually go somewhere. I maintain my own little travel-blog. It’s not updated very often, only when I’m in the process of planning a new trip or when the occasional bout of nostalgia strikes, but I hope I’ll be able to use it during my travels, too, to check in, let people know I’m still alive, and post bits and bobs of randomness only one or two people on the entire planet are interested in.

What is this?

Well, now that is an interesting question, isn’t it?

I’ve started so many blogs and websites in my admittedly rather short life (and by ‘life’, I really mean ‘online presence’—same diff), but it never led anywhere. Maybe this won’t, either. Or maybe it’ll finally become the One, the Little Blog That Could.

What I intend to post here has yet to be revealed even to myself. From what I can tell so far, it’s mostly going to be a mesh of semi-political rants, linguistic debaucheries, and the occasional nonsensical note.

That’s pretty much all you need to know at this point. For any further questions, use the soon-to-be-added comment form, and I’ll get back to you.