Last Night ― A Summary

10 pm: Not tired at all.

11 pm: Still not tired, decide to watch an old favourite film (Twister).

12 am: Realise film is too exciting to encourage sleep.

1 am: Bed. Read for half an hour because still not tired.

2 am: Lie awake. Get up to pee. Lie awake some more.

3 am: Toss and turn.

4 am: Do some yoga.

5 am: A last attempt at sleep. Lie awake.

6 am: Give up on sleep. Put on another film (The Constant Gardener).

7 am: Cry a little bit over the ending, mostly because now tired.

8 am: Spend fifteen minutes marvelling at glittery print on pyjamas. Get dressed.

9 am: Leave for class. Try not to run into any doors.

10 am: Probably die in class.

January 11, 2017 Isa misc No Comments

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