13 Facts About Me

There was a get-to-know-me meme going around twitter a couple of nights ago, where for every like / favourite, you’d tweet a random fact about yourself, and I thought I’d post mine here as well, in lieu of a proper introductory post:

#1 These days, I get sorted into Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw pretty much equally, but I still bleed blue and bronze.

#2 I have 10,000€ in student debt, plus about the same amount in personal debt. And no job…

#3 I don’t remember what it feels like to be good at math, though I know I was top of my class at one point in my life.

#4 Due to my parents’ divorce and my mother’s chronic illness, my brothers and I didn’t get to grow up together and that still makes me sad.

#5 I really, really want a tattoo but I haven’t been able to decide on an idea. A quote? A constellation? Something travel-related?

#6 When I broke off all contact with my father and his family, I thought I would miss him / them, but I don’t. At all. Success!
Addendum: I do wish I still had them in my life, but the constant pain of not mattering to them was far worse than not having them in my life anymore.

#7 A few of my favourites. Colour: red, food: Italian, constellation: Orion, tea: rooibos, season: spring, word: Fernweh, fruit: apricot.

#8 I’m neither properly vegetarian nor vegan. I don’t like most meat, but I do eat some. I don’t like eggs, but couldn’t give up dairy milk.

#9 My biggest dream in life was to become a doctor. Ten years later, I still haven’t found anything that I’m even remotely as passionate about.
Addendum: Other impossible dream careers include: Astronaut, translator at Disney, counter-terrorism expert for the EU, National Geography explorer.

#10 So far, I’ve taken 68 commercial flights and flown more than 280,000km. I’d like to plant a tree for every flight once I have the money.

#11 My favourite numbers are 3, 9 and 13. And no, I don’t use them in passwords, so don’t even bother. :p

#12 In my group of friends, I have two main roles: 1) The one who listens to and takes care of everyone. 2) The one people call when they need someone who’s good with tools.
Addendum: You better believe I take immense pride in both of these roles.

#13 One of the things I miss most from my childhood is Ed-von-Schleck ice cream.

Song Playlist of the day: Spotify’s ‘Peaceful Piano’, my new go-to playlist when I need to focus.
Currently reading: The introduction of Jasbir Puar’s ‘Terrorist Assemblages’. Certainly a fascinating read, but it’s giving me a slight headache.
Currently writing: An essay on M. Jacqui Alexander’s ‘Not Just (Any) Body Can Be a Citizen’. 1000 words, due tomorrow morning. Oy vey. :/

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